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Vinc Pinchel rallies after slow start for dominant win over Jim Miller

Vinc Pinchel lost the first round to Jim Miller and responded with dominance in RD2, RD3 for a well deserved Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-27)

Long time veteran Jim Miller (32-14) is riding high following his Round 1 Armbar submission of Roosevelt Roberts. He takes that winning momentum into this UFC record 36th career appearance, passing Donald Cerrone with 35. In a strange twist of fate his opponent Vinc Pinchel (12-2) also shares a victory over Roosevelt Roberts, reaching a Unanimous Decision in his most recent bout.

Photo Credit UFC

Jim Miller opened the first round with strong and plucky combinations. He did very well to walk through his combos and the power shots forced Pinchel back. Miller displayed variety and creativity in his combos that kept Pinchel off balance and struggling with the counter. Miller remained dominant when in the clinch as well. With the first round wrapping up the fight found its way to ground with Miller controlling much of the scramble flirting with a late calf slicer attempt.

Pinchel lands a flush head kick to open the second round but it does absolutely nothing to stop Miller from barreling through the single leg and scoring the take down. Miller went to work in Pinchel’s guard fishing for an opening. Pinchel however does well to get standing and take control of the clinch with Miller’s back to the fence. Pinchel follows through with his own take down and bullied Miller along the cage. Pinchel responded from his poor first round with a commanding grappling performance. Blasting his way into half guard Pinchel really found his confidence and was able to steadily strike from on top with hammer fists and elbows. Pinchel pressured his way to evening the score cards to a likely 1-1.

Photo Credit UFC

The climate of winner takes all hung heavy over the third round. Pinchel maintained his confidence and momentum using a ferocious front kick to ignite a combination of fists. It was enough to pressure his way into the level change and take down once again. Miller’s breathing became progressively labored as Pinchel takes his back. Miller scrambled his way free, snapping into a guillotine attempt that slips into blind stiff chaos.

It became a back and forth scramble in the second half of the round, even as it returned to the feet. They fired wildly in the clinch, Pinchel offereing deadly knees to the body. The scramble returns to ground where it would finish out the round with another guillotine attempt from Miller. Pinchel rallied back from a rough start but never looked back after establishing his rhythm and bullied his way to a clear Unanimous Decision.

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