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Souza stuns Yoder with 30-27 in Unanimous Decision victory

Livinha Souza (13-2) defeated Ashley Yoder (7-5) via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27) at UFC 252

Livinha Souza took the fight to ground early and controlled Yoder from top position. Souza eventually tired of grappling and transitioned to raining strikes down through Yoder’s spider guard. Souza allowed Yoder and put her length to work. Yoder utilized he push kicks and leg kicks to keep Souza at distance, but Souza herself would sneak her way inside to crack off loud inside calf kicks.

Photo Credit UFC

Souza shot for another takedown leading to wall stall. With her back to the cage Souza tried to stay busy with knees to the body as Yoder smothered her. Souza broke the clinch with a strike straight down the pipe and Yoder returned fire with a front kick. Round one was close with a possible 10-9 edge to Yoder.

Photo Credit UFC

Round two quickly found it’s way back into the clinch along the fence, with Souza’s back again to the cage. The clinch would flex as they trade dirty shots with knees and short hands. On the separation Souza returns to the inside calf kick with success.

Yoder found success along the fence in the clinch with her head control as she locked up a single leg and searched for a takedown. Much of the second round was spent in the clinch resulting in another close 10-9 round.

Round three proved to be much rangier with both fighters still flirting with the clinch but mostly electing to strike at distance. Souza remained consistent landing her inside calf kicks. Yoder returned to her early success with rangey strikes and push kicks to control the distance. The round ended on the ground with Souza scrambling in a last ditch headlock. Yoder was shocked and disappointed to hear Dave Hagen’s 30-27 score card as Souza claimed her Unanimous Decision win.

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