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Pancrase 317 Taichi Nakajima vs Yoshinori Horie

Pancrase has announced the full card for 317 with 12 fights to be held at Studio Coast on August 23rd in Tokyo, Japan. For North American viewer the broadcast begins at 2:45am ET.

The Main Event features a Championship Contender match up at Featherweight, with #4 ranked Taichi Nakajima (14-11-1) taking on #5 ranked Yoshinori Horie (9-2). The winner will likely face current Pancrase Featherweight Champion Isao Kobayashi.

Nakajimi is coming off a Unanimous Decision win over Boris Fedorov that snapped a two fight losing skid. Nakajimi is looking for back to back wins for the first time since 2017. In 2012 he won Neo Blood Bantamweight Tournament.

Yoshinori Horie has won three of his last four bouts, with his most recent victory coming as a Unanimous Decision over Yojiro Uchimura. His only loss in the last three years was in his UFC debut at UFC 240 against Hakeem Dawodu. Dawodu finished Horie with a Round 3 TKO. In 2017 Horie took home honors as Neo Blood Featherweight Tournament Winner & MVP.

Horie was released from his UFC contract following his sole loss and thus returned to Pancrase in February but he was still psychologically struggling with the cut.

“I’d just fought in the UFC, so I was in a state of disbelief and struggled to get motivated. I didn’t feel any pressure at all, and it was not good that I couldn’t fire myself up. When I first heard that I was released, I was extremely shocked. I know that it was my bad for losing, but honestly I was very shocked.”

But he insists he has now recovered from the incident and is moving forward with his training in preparation for Taichi Nakajima.

“This time the fight feeling is back, and I’m in a solid frame of mind. Honestly, I think there’s a difference in level, but I want to be thorough in bringing out my strengths in the match.[Taichi Nakajima] has a lot of experience, so I reckon he’ll make good use of that, but I can predict roughly how he’s going to come out so I’ll be ready for him.”

The Co-Main Event features Lightweight action with #9 Ranked Takashi Matsuoka (13-10-1) facing off against 12th Generation Shooto Lightweight Champion Koshi Matsumoto (20-9-2)

Ryuichi Miki (CAVE, 21-12-4) #3
Former (3rd Generation) Flyweight King of Pancrase Champion
Yusuke Ogikubo (K-PLACE, 11-10) #10
2014 Neo Blood Tournament Super-Flyweight Winner

Takeshi Kasugai (Shimura Dojo, 25-7-1) #4
2nd Generation HEAT Bantamweight Champion
Toshinori “Tsune” Tsunemura (Reversal Gym Shinjuku Me-We, 14-10-4) #9

Issei Tamura (Krazy Bee, 13-10) #7
Former (6th Generation) Featherweight King of Pancrase Champion
Yuki Takahashi (Sakaguchi Dojo, 8-2)

Yuta Miyazawa (K-PLACE, 7-3) #6
Hiroaki Iijima (Gutsman, 12-13-3) #7

Teppei Maeyama (Free, 5-7) #8
Tatsuki Ozaki (Cobra Kai MMA Dojo, 8-6) #9
2019 Neo Blood Strawweight Tournament Winner

Kosuke Kindaichi (K-PLACE, 9-2-2)
Tatsuya Tomozane (Zero Fighter Club, 10-4-1)

Preliminary Bout – 2020 Featherweight Neo Blood Tournament 2nd Round

Tatsuhiko Iwamoto (Shooto Gym Blows, 8-6-1)
Tatsuya Saito (ALLIANCE, 4-7-1)

Preliminary Bout – 2020 Bantamweight Neo Blood Tournament 2nd Round
Rui Imamura (NEXUSENSE, 1-0)
Suneo “Hayato” Tanaka (ASH, 1-1)

Preliminary Bout – 2020 Flyweight Neo Blood Tournament 1st Round
Aito Tanimura (P’s LAB Sapporo, 0-1)
Takuya Takahashi (K-PLACE, 9-5-2)

Preliminary Bout – Bantamweight
Naohisa Kudo (Zendo Kai Koganei Dojo, 9-9-2)
Riki Kayukawa (Martial Arts Club Nakatsugawa, 2-0; Pancrase debut)

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