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Chito Vera cancels ‘Sugar Show’ with R1 KO at UFC 252

The Chito Show is official at 135lbs as Vera stings O’Malley with first defeat

The ‘Sugar Show’ comes to the Apex with undefeated prospect Sean O’Malley (12-0) buzzing from his back to back Round 1 KO’s. The prospect has largely called his shots along the way and got the opponent he wanted in Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera (17-6-1). While many see a steep challenge in Vera, O’Malley has his hand picked challenge. Vera was on 5 finishes in a row before his run was derailed by a slightly controversial Unanimous Decision loss to Yadong Song.

Photo Credit UFC

O’Malley begins the round heavy with kicks, using his push kicks to maintain the distance. Both fighters feint heavily as they patiently look for their openings. O’Malley hangs his hands low below his waist to bait Vera inside.

Vera attempts solid head kicks which land at velocity despite a block from O’Malley. Vera continues finding success with his kicks, connecting with the outside of O’Malley’s right knee. O’Malley slipped twice in circling and setting up kicks and raised question on the health of his knee. He efforts to hide any injury but a limp gradually reveals itself as critical.

As O’Malley makes an attack approach he rolls his ankle and goes to ground. Vera pounces his way on top into O’Malley’s guard and begins dropping elbows with bad intentions.

Vera falls into a solid left hand followed up by finishing elbows. After a second direct elbow strike to the forehead Herb Dean stepped in what for some was an early stoppage, but overall was a keen move considering the condition of O’Malley’s leg. O’Malleys ankle was clearly injured as he writhes in pain grasping himself. O’Malley was stretchered out of the Apex and went directly to local Las Vegas hospital but there is as of yet no update on his condition.

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