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Conor McGregor sexual assault allegations involve ‘high level of violence’

Rape investigations in Dublin, Ireland involving Conor McGregor report allegations of high level of violence.

Disgraced UFC star Conor McGregor is once again at the center of criminal investigations in Dublin, Ireland for a rape allegations that reportedly involved a high level of violence. While North American media outlets have largely ignored these ongoing investigations, those that have reported on them have largely declined to include the disturbing alleged details emerging from the victim’s claims, which sources have reportedly declared as credible.

The alleged details of these ongoing investigations have been made available to the public through UK and Irish media outlets that are required to work within the strict legal confines of Irish privacy laws, only allowed to reference McGregor as ‘Irish Sports Star’. When these repulsive allegations of sexual violence and alleged attempted million dollar payoffs are joined in symphony with a cavalcade of proven and well documented criminal acts they can begin to paint a sickening portrait of a once beloved sports figure’s cruel decline into reckless barbarism.

An alleged victim is reported to have suffered serious injuries that left marks consistent with choking while she is also believed to have “put up a fierce resistance and bit the man” during the alleged rape that is reported to have occurred in a hotel somewhere between 11:30pm and 3am. When the staff would visit around 5am, McGregor was reportedly “wild eyed and looked wired” and while leaving the hotel was in a “fairly animated state.”

The woman was taken by ambulance to be treated at the Sexual Assault Treatment Unit at the Rotunda Hospital by Parnell Square, Dublin. Forensic examinations were conducted and Irish Gardai conducted extensive review of CCTV footage.

Reports suggest that Gardai in Dundrum had made an arrest on Thursday, January 17 2019 and detained an individual within Dundrum garda station where the encounter was claimed to be consensual.

A leaked newsroom memo would emerge with Conor McGregor mentioned by name with a not for publication or broadcast caveat. This alleged memo would go on to explain that he presented himself in connection with the alleged assault.

Despite McGregor’s persistent legal entanglements, it appears he is likely to be booked for another UFC fight in early 2020, with many reports suggesting that negotiations are trending in the direction of facing veteran Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone on January 18th.

As the story develops and gains traction in media, attention to these allegations only seem to make things look worse for McGregor. The allegations against were recently referenced by Ruth Coppinger on the floor of Irish Parliament in response to the troublesome mishandling of rape cases in Ireland. This investigation is still ongoing so no formal charges have been rendered against McGregor or his associates at this time, but these sexual assault allegations alone leave a disturbing and compromising cloud hanging over UFC and broadcasting partners ESPN and Disney.


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