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‘Hamderlei Silva’ dominates at Rizin 19 for back to back KOs

Korea’s Seo Hee Ham (22-8) handily defeated a timid Miyuu Yamamoto (5-4) in the second round at Rizin 19. After Yamamoto scored a takedown in the first round Ham quickly found an answer and defended the takedown well. Ham continually nullified the takedown attempts and worked Yamamoto the canvas. In the second round they found themselves in Yamamoto’s corner as Ham sat on top of her and hammer fisted at will.

Yamamoto’s corner was pleading for action, as was the referee who was warning that a stoppage was imminent if she didn’t react. Ham casually weaves her reluctant strikes from inside and outside, pummeling Yamamoto who remained essentially motionless and turtled up.

The referee certainly gave her an excess of time to craft an escape, but regardless of intentions it was a bad stoppage. Ham would later shed tears in her interview and the punishment she was forced to deal to Yamamoto during the late stoppage, but the tears would soon dry as she faced off against her next opponent, Rizin Woman’s Atomweight champion Ayaka Hamasaki. They will compete at Rizin 20 on New Year’s Eve.

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