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’Guchi hands Asakura BW belt after annihilation of Sasaki in under 60 secs at Rizin 19

Rizin 19 went ahead as scheduled at Edion Arena in Osaka despite the typhoon barreling down on Japan. For those who attended and braved the weather, and those watching around the world who braved the legendarily sadistic Rizin Intermissions, it proved to be a worthwhile adventure in an action packed night of finishes. Of the 13 bouts scheduled 11 were finishes, and 10 of those were in the first round.

Kai Asakura still managed to steal the show after an entire evening of first round knock outs. Asakura came out with power often and early and he appeared to break Ulka Sasaki’s jaw. The resulting injury dropped Sasaki and referee Jason Herzog paused the fight to have doctors examine his jaw. He was deemed unable to continue and Asakura finds back to back early knock outs.

Current Bellator and Rizin Bantamweight champion Kyoji Horiguchi was present ring side for the bout and brought his Rizin belt into the ring after Asakura’s statement finish. Horiguchi handed the belt to Asakura and insisted that he was not Champion after his recent first round loss and would challenge Asakura for the belt at Rizin 20. Asakura would humbly return the belt to Horiguchi, but they would take face off photos with each fighter holding the belt together.

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