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Former Rizin title contender Rena Kubuto outclasses short notice challenger

Rena Kubota (9-3) immediately outclassed and finished her short notice fill in opponent Alexandra Alvare Carlos who now falls to 0-4. Carlos took the bout on short notice to replace the injured Shawna Ram (1-0) who withdrew after a concussion. Carlos looked gravely concerned during her walk out as the enormity of the moment began to set in. Her coach and cornerman would impart solidarity and calm through a firm hand on the should, but it wasn’t enough to ease her anxious tension.

Kubota quickly dismantled her target who was flailing behind limp wrists. It was eventually an uppercut that would drop Carlos and lead to the follow up stoppage. Kutoba’s overall martial arts experience allowed her to immediately overwhelm Carlos and made this short notice bout a terrible mis match. Kutoba enjoyed a 19 fight win streak in professional Shootboxing before also beginning a career in mixed martials arts simultaneously.

She first appeared against Miyuu Yamamoto at the 2016 Rizin Fight World GP. Will still undefeated in Shootboxing, she found her first MMA loss in the Rizin Women’s Super Atomweight GP Final against Kanna Asakura. Since that first loss she has alternated wins and losses consistently, most recently with a first round submission loss at Bellator 222. She will look to put together back to back wins for the first time since 2017.

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