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Bobbi-Jo Dalziel gets second chance in PFL Playoffs, fills in on 24hr notice vs Kayla Harrison

Kayla Harrison (5-0) was supposed to face off against Genah Fabian (2-1) in the PFL semi-final round of the Woman’s Lightweight playoffs. Fabian pulled out of the contest due to medical issues and was unable to weigh in. Bobbi-Jo Dalziel (5-1) was selected as her alternate and will step in with a single day’s notice to fight the face of PFL.

Dalziel missed out on the playoffs after her first round submission loss to Larissa Pacheco (12-3) and gets another bite at the apple in the tournament. She made weight and now all eight fights will go ahead on schedule in the woman’s lightweight and men’s welterweight playoffs, including two prelims.

Taking short notice fights are always risky endeavors and who fighters react to them are equally complex. Some can thrive in the match ups, some can thrive in the moment. I’m not certain there is a standard for success, but it may be as random as it appears it should be. Sometimes fighters benefit from a zen like freshness walking into the unknown and being the author of their own reality. Some thrive in uncertainty.

But regardless of the many faces of the short notice mentality, the PFL format that has fighters competing twice in one night has their fighters already mentally prepared for such occasions. A controlled chaos, with a talent pool to individually and generally prepare for and study.

With the news of Kayla Harrison signing a new multi-fight, multi-year deal with PFL, she is easily the face of the promotion. The news of her last minute opponent change is a mere afterthought under the shadow of her new deal that claims to eventually make her the highest paid woman in MMA, million dollar tournament bonuses not included.

Kayla Harrison’s star power and the fully invested PFL hype train running at full steam provide such notoriety that also comes with a target on her back. Every woman in PFL, or interested in competing in PFL, is training for a fight with Kayla Harrison. Bobbi-Jo Dalziel will be looking to make her introduction to the world by handing Kayla Harrison her first defeat on Oct 11 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV.

You can catch all the action starting with the prelims on ESPN+ at 5pm PT and then the main card action moves to ESPN2 at 7pm PT.


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