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Invicta 37: Pearl Gonzalez hands Brogan Sanchez first pro loss

Both ladies come out kicking and clash legs as Brogan Sanchez lands a solid counter right hand to the jaw of Gonzalez. Gonzalez returns fire with her hands wildly and she then engages the clinch. Gonzalez looks for the throw but, in the scramble, gives up her back along the cage. Gonzalez transitions into the guard and Sanchez does her best to pull Gonzalez’s head down.

Pearl stays busy finding her strikes where she can. Sanchez finds the escape and returns to her feet swinging. After being taken down with another toss, Sanchez again returns to her feet and lands powerful elbows before Gonzalez reengages the clinch and scores another takedown into the cage.

The second round is mostly kick boxing at distance. Sanchez is getting clever with her timing and setting up her punches with her kicks but lacks accuracy. Both fighters are mostly feinting and striking at the air, rarely connecting. As the round comes to an end they finally return to the clinch to little effect.

Gonzalez sprints into the clinch, only briefly separating to exchange legs and then return to the clinch. Sanchez throws a couple 12-6 elbows into the spine, but the official declines to call them and they didn’t seem to impact Gonzalez as she successfully scores another takedown. Gonzalez continues to strike from the top position and even as the bout stands back up it is apparent that Gonzalez has done enough to earn the (30-27) unanimous decision.

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