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Miles Johns advances to 10-0 in UFC debut

Round 1

Smith shoots slow for the double leg and Johns reverses the attempt into a double underhook gets him onto the fence. Smith commits to his wrestling early and sticks to Johns. He takes John’s back while standing and attempts to secure a body triangle. Johns walks around the octagon with the backpack on, hand fighting all along the way. Smith is looking to secure the rear naked with his right arm, but Johns begins to lean over and shake off the backpack. Johns stands up straight again, but now Smith has locked in the body triangle and is free to fish for the choke.

Smith abandons the backpack but as he stands keeps his right leg wrapped around Johns, with a bit of grapevine on the ankle. Smith works his way back into the double underhook and throws an elbow on the separation as the round ends. Smith is likely takes this round with his dominant control time.

Round 2

Smith enters the second round looking to strike from the outside, but this time it is Johns who takes the shot and actually lands this first take down of the bout. He spreads into Smiths guard and begins to work the body. Smith’s length allows him to disrupt Johns in his search for the space to strike. Smith does a great job stifling the attack and working his way back to his feet. He eats a few strikes as Johns concedes the position and steps onto the back foot.

Smith senses his moment and shoots for a much faster takedown this time and slides around taking the back and neck of Johns in one fluid sequence. He locks in the body triangle and Johns immediately rolls his hip to the opposite side. Smith distracts with his hands as he switches the triangle back to the other side. Johns senses the switch and rolls his hips again. Smith again switches the triangle, still searching for the choke. Johns works himself back on top and guard as he makes up for lost time deliver heavy hands and knees. It’s a close second round but the strikes and ground defense should be enough to keep this fight even going into the final round.

Round 3

Johns comes out swinging, looking to make a statement with this last 5 mintues. Smith is bringing the forward pressure but Johns is content to absorb it and stay striking inside. Smith commits to a single leg and pushes Johns into the fence, slowing the pace down to fight his fight. Johns struggles to find the separation he needs as his corner is pleading with him to find an escape. Johns turns to his knee strikes to discourage the clinch. Smith finally abandons the wrestling and Johns turns up the heat. Smith is eating several significant strikes to the head as

Johns is flourishing in his newfound rhythm. He drops Smith square on his back with a stiff left jab. He misses the follow up upper cut but keeps the pressure up. Smith is starting to show the wear from Johns parting offense and slips again. As the round expires Johns delivers some solid combinations to the head. Smith looks for his desperation wall and stall, but Johns is able to again break and bring the pressure with his walking combos.

It was a close decision, but Miles Johns remains undefeated to advance to 10-0.

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