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Azure outstrikes Katona to stay undefeated 8-0 in Vancouver

Round 1

Azure lands some big shots early and drops Katona as he was stepping on to the back foot. Katona recovers and stands to pressure Azure into the fence and lock up his right leg searching for the takedown. Katona controls a large portion of the wrong completely wrapped around Azure’s right leg. They lean on the fence and trade strikes in the clinch.

When Azure finally finds his separation he finds success with his legs. It doesn’t take long for Katona to abandon the boxing match and return to his wall and stall. Azure sprawls well onto the cage and delivers knees and elbows when his windows open. Katona nearly secures another takedown but a clever Azure uses his agility to wiggle his way back into standing position.

Round 2

Azure again lands big shots early, dropping Katona with a slick combination. Azure level changes for a right hook to the body and then goes upstairs with the left hook and Katona hits the canvas as the first strikes of the round land. He recovers quickly but his now on the backfoot as Azure continues to bring the pressure. Alternating from his kicks to high looping punches, Azure is dominating the beginning of the round. Azure continues to work the body to the head and lands those long looping punches as he slides away from Katona’s level changes.

Katona continues to eat shots to the head as he feints and struggles to set up his takedown attempts. Azure stands comfortably in the center of the octagon and really opens up his striking, fluidly transition from hand combinations to head kicks and back to the body. Azure is really establishing his rhythm which eventually forces Katona in the desperation take down. He lands the TD and pushes Azure into the fence, but he able to get back to a standing position immediately and they finish the round stalled on the cage.

Round 3

Azure stays active with the boxing and keeps Katona on the backfoot. Azure finds continued success with his body-head shot combos, jab and high kick. Katona is starting to show damage, but continues to box with Azure. Katona secures a solid takedown and takes the back of Azure. He locks the body and begins working his way into the choke, but azure is able to hip escape and find his way on top and in half guard. Katona keeps him close and avoids attack as the round expires.

Katona had significant control time, but was handily outstuck by Azure. Hunter Azure remains undefeated with a Unanimous Decision victory (29-28, 30-27, 29-28).

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