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Video: Jarjis Danho makes UFC return against Greg Hardy

Watch this cut of Jarjis Danho’s pre UFC performances and decide for yourself what kind of opponent might show up against Greg Hardy, Oct 26 on UFC on ESPN+ 20.

UFC Matchmakers continue their slow burn with Heavyweight prospect Greg Hardy (5-1) as they announced his booking against Syrian born German Jarjis Danho (5-1-1) at UFC on ESPN+ 20 in Kallang, Singapore. If the name doesn’t ring a bell you shouldn’t feel too bad, as his most recent bout was over three years ago and when your name isn’t Nate Diaz you tend to slide off the radar after that long.

Danho (right) battles to a rare Majority Draw with Colombo (left) in his second UFC match up

This will only be his third UFC fight, most recently coming off a Majority Draw against Christian Colombo. His UFC debut was a ‘Technical Majority’ loss against Daniel Omielanczuk. A gassed Danho sustained a debatably low blow from Omielanczuk and declared he could not continue. Since he could not continue inside the third round, the judges were forced to score the round as usual for a ‘Technical’ Decision. This occurred in London at UFC FN84 Silva vs Bisping.

Danho has massive hands but in his two UFC bouts his opponents never looked in danger of being finished. Danho has a proclivity for the clinch and is competent in striking from the position, but his overall power and gas tank issues significantly reduce his windows of effectiveness. Danho looks to be at a disadvantage entering this bout, but with a three year layoff he remains somewhat of an unknown commodity.

Omielanczuk (right) wins a controversial Technical Decision in Danho’s (left) UFC debut at Fight Night 84

This match up confirms UFC’s intention to develop Hardy as fighter gradually but continue to fast track his branding as a UFC star. They have been careful not to put him into match ups too far beyond his skill level, but still billed him as Co-Main event on his first two bouts, including the very first ESPN+ card. UFC and ESPN alike are quick to acknowledge Hardy’s status as a ‘needle-mover’ among their mutual audiences given his controversial past and more importantly, his ability to consistently win.

Because Hardy continues to find early finishes, he is able to stay active and is slowly cleaning out the strange peripheries of the Heavyweight division. Fellow Dana White’s Contender Series products like Allen Crowder and Juan Adams are appropriate bookings for Hardy, but as he graduates above his debutant peers, the UFC will turn to the stragglers barely hanging onto their first contracts on the outskirts of the division.

Hardy’s brand will be built on the (0-3) Smolyakovs and (0-1-1) Danhos of the world as the UFC uses him to clear out all the cans hanging around with losing UFC records. There is equal opportunity for Danho in this matchup as a statement victory over Hardy would at the very least give him a considerable bump in the mainstream MMA lexicon, but a loss would surely damn him to eventual release from UFC. Watch the fight live on ESPN+ October 26, 2019.

For a more in depth analysis of Greg Hardy’s MMA Journey you can continue your reading here at World Combat Report with a previous article ‘Good Things Happen To Bad People – The People vs Prince of War’. This is a much longer read that explores the complexities of Greg Hardy and might actually have you surprising yourself.

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