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Miocic finishes DC to recapture Heavyweight Gold at UFC 241

Miocic starts his finishing sequence over Daniel Cormier with savage body shots to reclaim the UFC Heavyweight title in Anaheim, CA

Daniel Cormier is undefeated at Heavyweight and arguably the best to ever compete in the division. With a record setting three title defenses and a resume littered with historical titans, Stipe Miocic is undoubtably the UFC’s most successful Heavyweight Champion. When the two first clashed at UFC 226, Daniel Cormier found himself a two division champion after a first round finish over Miocic. It was an early knockout and when all circumstances are considered, there is complex recipe for a fantastic rematch.

Both fighters are prepared to go the distance and this time around it appears they will value speed over power as both weighed in noticeably lighter than usual. And with the title of Baddest Man on The Planet on the line, who better than the iconic Herb Dean to officiate this pay-per-view Main Event.

Cormier begins by attacking the outside and inside lead leg of Miocic, but Miocic answers back with his own calf kicks, relying on his distance and striking from the outside. Once the first hands land Cormier shoots for the high crotch single leg and gets Miocic into the fireman carry. After the suplex Cormier continues to work in the half mount for a dominant position.

Stipe works to keep Cormier’s head clinched to the chest as he works to get his hips free. Stipe remains patient in finding his window for hip escape as Cormier keeps the strikes coming with his head down, blindly firing towards Stipe. Cormier scrambles all over him, eventually pinning him against the fence, controlling Miocic’s wrists and punishing with the right hammer fist. An opportunity for a TKO stoppage slips away from Cormier in an otherwise dominant round.

Miocic returns to the calf kicks and feints. Cormier merely grabs the wrists of Miocic to break the distance and push the jab and cross. Cormier is forced to throw volume to break the distance and successfully maintains forward pressure, but stipe finds the back foot after an eye poke not called by Dean. Cormier throws heavy combos staggering Miocic, who fires back with his own haymakers. The heavyweights slow after the combos and rest in the clinch before opening the boxing again.

Cormier continues to grab the hands and wrists of Miocic, miocic keeps his hands lower to avoid the grabs and is forced to throw volume as well. Cormier eats several big shots, but Miocic’s face begins to show the wear of the volume and speed of Cormier’s strikes. Miocic looks tired and slowing as Cormier really finds his rhythm and stays creative with his combos. Leaning forward with his head down he baits miocic to walk into his combos, but miocic keeps him honest throwing the high kick.

Stipe opens with solid one two to the face of Cormier and continuing to push the leg kick. Stipe attempts his own takedowns followed by a head kick. Stipe faints his head to the left and uses his jab to set up his power hooks. They end up clinched on the fence, both willing to take the time to rest, but Miocic fires first with a spinning elbow to break the clinch. Stipe shows brighter head movement, while somewhat under using the jab.

The championship rounds begin both less spry and plucky, but miocic maintains the forward pressure, walking down Cormier but not striking. Both fighters seem content to take their time and preserve energy. It’s a slow start, but it only takes a couple shots to land before the combos heat up. Stipe find success with low hooks to the body the wakes up Cormier who answers with his own high hook to the head. Stipe adds the calf kicks to his combos as the body shot gives to a more successful jab.

The body shot looks to be stipes best asset in setting up his combos. Cormier is now largely on the defensive backfoot. Cormier drops his hands again and sticks his head out baiting Miocic. When Cormier eats Miocic’s best body shot he is staggered down onto the backfoot. Stipe walks him down with the one two combos and as Cormier slumps on the cage towards his right, Miocic finishes with a pressure left hammer fist.

Stipe calmly removes his mouthpiece and throws his hands into the air before breaking into dance. Stipe Miocic, the most successful Heavyweight Champion in UFC history, just knocked out arguably the greatest Heavyweight in all of MMA history. Stipe Miocic is once again the Baddest Man on The Planet and with many years left in his career, has tantalizing opportunity to remove all doubt from his legacy.

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