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Suffering back to back losses again, ‘Asian Sensation’ could be facing release from UFC

With 2-5 record Andre Soukhamthat’s UFC career could be in jepordy after unanimous decision loss to Su Mudaerji

There could be much on the line for both contestants in this bout, but more overwhelmingly so for Andre Soukhamthath. Soukhamthat enters this match up with a 2-5 record in the UFC (13-7 overall) and getting released from the UFC could become a reality without a statement win. A victory is critical here for Su Mudaerji as well, as he seeks to rectify the loss against Louis Smolka in his promotional debut and improve his UFC record to 1-1. Mudaerji holds an 11-3 record overall and looks set up for his first UFC win with a home field advantage in Shenzhen, China.

Loud crowd pops start the match for Su as they trade kicks. Su throws three side kicks unanswered. Andre fakes the level change mid combo to cut the distance, but Su remains agile and bouncing out of danger. Su continues to work the lead leg and bait Andre into a false sense of security as he switches up his striking.

Andre shoots for an aggressive take down attempt but comes away with Su’s single leg in a standing position on the fence. He leverages the left under hook and wraps his left leg around Su’s right leg. Andre tries to outmuscle Su into the takedown but is forced to abandon as the referee calls for work. Su lands a solid straight left as the exchanges return to the center. Su ends the round strong with heavy combos that walk Andre back down into the fence as the round expires.

Andre reveals to his corner that he broke his left lead hand but elects to continue into the next round. Currently on a losing streak, it could be the end of his UFC career is Andre throws in the towel. But with that knowledge of the broken hand it’s not hard to cringe every time you see him check a head kick with the hand. It’s only a matter of time before Su puts it together that Andre’s striking is dropping off due to injury.

Su is working the perimeter well and sliding inside for his shots and sliding back out of danger. Andre’s injury is allowed Su to fight more conservatively. His attacks begin to flow, going upstairs, down to the body, mix in a kick, back upstairs. His combos become more fluid as Andre’s nose begins to bleed. Su puts the pressure on the finish out the round. It will be interesting to see how Andre’s hand holds up in round three.

Andre enters the third aggressively seeking the takedown. Throwing power, Su begins to pick apart Andre. Going to the body, followed by a high kick, dancing away from Andres counter, only to drop him with his own. Su drops into half guard and begins to punish Andre with elbows. Su looks to cuff the damaged left hand and go to work.

Su is looking for the statement finish, confident in his position on the score cards. Every little mistake Andre makes allows another sharp elbow to come raining down from Su. Su stands above Andre and strikes down through his guard. Andre offers no offense with his legs as Su man handles his ankles and continues to hammer down through the guard. Su drops back down into side control, never reducing his pressure.

Andre is infamous for his questionable fight IQ after the O’Malley debacle, but he just lays down in the third round and lets Su casually beat him up. Su continues to offer a variety of attacks on the ground as the round expires. Sumudaerji’s dominant performance is reflected in the scorecards (30-26, 30-26, 30-25) for his unanimous decision.

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